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United Sacred Harp

the 2017 United Sacred Harp Convention to be held again at Camp McDowell September 8-10. We do plan to have a Friday night session sponsored by the Jasper Area Singers, probably in the form of a singing school.

Registration for accommodations at the United Convention will begin June 1st. However, I thought it might be helpful to go ahead and post this information. These are slightly different from last year's Camp McDowell rates.

LODGE One person / all weekend $272
LODGE Two people / all weekend $161 each
LODGE Three people / all weekend $138 each
LODGE Four people / all weekend $120 each

LODGE One person / one night, 4 meals $143
LODGE Two people / one night, 8 meals $ 93 each
LODGE Three people / one night, 12 meals $ 76 each
LODGE Four people / one night, 16 meals $ 67 each

CABIN One person / all weekend $87
CABIN One person / one night / 4 meals $53

Lodge rooms feature 2 queen size beds and a private bath. Cabins feature dorm-style accommodations, with linens included in these rates.

In an effort to draw more young -especially, college-aged- singers, we are asking that other folk consider an optional gift that would help cover their expenses.

I will be mailing flyers for the convention sometime in February. If your group has a lot of singers that are interested in attending, but who are not online [we will have online registration later],

Join the Facebook group for the 2016 United convention.

Greetings Singers! The purpose of this group is to disseminate information regarding the United Sacred Harp Musical Association's 113th Session which will convene next September at Camp McDowell, located between Jasper and Double Springs, Alabama. Yes, it is the same Camp at which adult Camp Fasola is held. The actual convention is September 10-11, but we're already planning something so cool that you'll want to be here on Friday night, the 9th, as well.

Watch this group and also the fasola singings list for more information as it becomes available.

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